Posted by: Arkay | October 3, 2008


Though I know what was will never be again (it’s apparent our life paths are only meant to cross now and again, not run together), the fact that you are still my friend after all these years (and are now a ‘regular’ commenter on my blog) deserves a public sort of acknowledgment (as you continue to point out 😛 ). So,

How does one tribute more than two decades of friendship?

How does one ode twenty plus years of knowing a truly good person?

How does one portray half one’s lifetime being accepted, regardless?

How does one demonstrate distance/time/circumstance had no effect?

How does one acknowledge the multitude of blessings received over such time?

How does one express the value of innumerable moments of closeness?

How does one celebrate the joy of so many positive interactions?

How does one show enough gratitude for all the understanding?

How does one communicate the worth of having you as a friend?

How does one honour something so valuable?

How does one say thank-you for everything?

Maybe one just finds something from near the beginning (and remembers fondly):




  1. Awww thanks my dearest friend!!! I wish I could have viewed the video, but it said it was no longer available. Oh well. Maybe you can sing whatever he was going to sing to me some Thursday night.
    Thanks so much for the many kind words you bestowed. I am honoured. Really.
    It is pretty amazing how a 21 year friendship has lasted over the hills & valleys of our lives. Through the dark & light days, through the many moves or earth shattering issues…I know I can always count on you for a hug (at least).
    Love to you… have had a piece of my heart since that day 21 years ago.

  2. Am attempting to repair video (still plays on YouTube, but not here for some reason. Am trying a different posting, from an earlier concert). And I must make this work, as you’ve obviously forgotten the value of having me NOT sing, lol! Whoda thunk a stupid fake ketchup prank all those years ago would have resulted in a friendship lasting this long? Certainly not I 🙂

  3. The new vid worked. Thanks:)
    Yeah, that bloody ketchup bottle. A boy & his pranks…
    I don’t think you ever tried to sing to me…so I wouldn’t have anything to compare the Journey vid to…hmmmm

  4. Joooouuuuuurrrrrrnnnnnneeeeeyyyyyy! Sorry, hate to intrude, but you know, noboby can sing like Steve Perry.
    Back to your regular programming.

  5. So NOT interrupting Wulfgar! If I am ever station flipping on the radio I will ALWAYS stop for a Journey song. That is one voice that should never be ‘covered’ (pissed off at YouTube posters on that one, BIG time).

  6. Ugh, holy bait and switch. Looking at the screen shot on the video, I was ready for Rick James, not Journey.

    Still, touching post. Minus Rick James’ sexual butter.

  7. Ya, sorry about that J., the first vid I had up had a less ‘separated at birth’ static image 🙂

    Note: I’m more of a Barry White fan for meltabilityness 😉

    Oh, and welcome to my blog!

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