Posted by: Arkay | October 14, 2008

More Fantasy Artists

also known as a (somewhat) shameless attempt to pad my blog stats 😛

As many of my viewers arrive here looking for fantasy art/artists, I am adding a few more to those I’ve already featured here: Favourite Fantasy Artists here: Missed one and here: While on an art theme.

I will be attempting to find worthwhile links to each of these ‘new’ artists to put in my sidebar for you.

First up: Benita Winckler (I am including some ‘cut-up’ web finds as I think they are even more amazing than the original work whole)

Next up is another female artist Olivia De Berardinis (long admired this one)

And lastly Lorenzo Sperlonga



  1. What, no Frank Franzetta?

  2. Nah. Frank Frazetta was my brother’s favourite, so it couldn’t be mine. I think his paint technique is pretty amazing, but the end result, though very good, is not quite to my taste. We both shared Boris Vallejo appreciation, but his stuff, like Rowena’s is too ‘staged’ (i.e. models on a set) for me. And before you ask, I can’t stand the brothers hildebrandt.

    (off now to kick AB‘s butt to get back to posting… doo doo-doo, doot doo doo-doo doo-doo)

  3. Wha…Wha…What?? But I wuv Hildebrants…..

  4. Sorry about that Vulfie, but for me I think it has something to do with liking Howe and Lee far better; that, and they did all the original artwork for the purest (and thus most vile) Tolkein ripoff known as Shannara. *shudder*

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