Posted by: Arkay | October 17, 2008

Worth a whole listen

I have been a fan of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler for most of my life (thanks Bro). They have some amazing songs, and he has done some fantastic solo stuff as well (Princess Bride soundtrack for one). I think Love Over Gold is one of the best albums ever, and not just because it has one of my all time forever favourite songs:

So good (and long) it comes in two parts:

He just got better with age:

and I put this under the category Fantasy Artist, because in his own way, he certainly qualifies.



  1. OMG! ALL THREE videos loaded on the first try!!!!!! None of that “video is no longer available” crap.

    *takes a formal bow acknowledging your applause*

  2. I gotta tell you, DS is probably one of my favorite bands that I never think about. It’s very much deeply rooted in my childhood. My parents would play the “Brothers in Arms” album all the time. “Money for Nothing”, including the video, are parts of my earliest memories. I still get fired up when I hear the opening riffs and synths.

    Nice grabs on these songs. There should be more people touting the greatness of this band. Kudos.

    I’ll be downloading “Brothers” as I half listen to last weeks Daily Shows…

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