Posted by: Arkay | October 20, 2008

Please go watch this.

I have sent my “regulars” an e-mail on this (and everyone else in my contacts list), but anyone else who sees this post, please go to the following link and watch the video. Please.

The Girl Effect


(Edit 10/22/08)

Yes, I am aware of the methane (and other environmental concerns) of 600 million cattle (or herds thereof), but the point that is being made is that it does not take multi-millions of dollars in foreign aid (that is siphoned off by corrupt regimes and local officials), nor does it take an ongoing sponsorship (that is largely eaten up in “administration fees”, travel junkets and the like); it just takes a simple boost to someone deep in the local economy who has an interest in bettering themselves and their village/community. There are SEVERAL very effective micro-loan programs out there (with incredible success stories and default rates of less than 1%) that get the money/investment capital into the hands of “the girl” as it were (be it to buy a cow, materials for baskets, or simply a few tools to make a process profitable). It only takes a small gesture, but it needs to actually get to those who need – that’s the message.



  1. I had a friend in middle school who did a science project on cow farts and how the methane adds to global warming.
    his solution to the problem was feeding the cows beano.

  2. I cannot believe I laughed at that. sad.

  3. Does this have anything to do with India recently firing a rocket into space? Was it methane-powered or… I mean… they do have an over abundance of cattle in that sub-continent… and for some reason I can see them harnessing that power to propel themselves skyward in some sort of science-theological experiment. ….the heathens….

  4. Farting cows in s p a a a a c c c e e e e !!!

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