Posted by: Arkay | November 21, 2008

This is new…

The more stressed/depressed/anxious I am the worse I sleep – if at all. And the more I dream when I do. Last night takes the cake though. My regular mile a minute dreaming turned into 3000 mile an hour dreaming. I dreamed I was not only A good guy (which sometimes happens – not that i’m ever the bad guy, just usually the one who is chased, oppressed, hunted etc.), but this time I actually dreamed I was THE good guy, I dreamed I was the effin HERO!?! Wtf? I’ve never done that before. Ever.

The details of my adventures are just too weird to share here, but the gist of it is that I did the whole solo/rebel thing, protect others (somewhat against their will, but with the least amount of damage to public property as was possible) from putting themselves in harms way, taking out the bad guys while successfully avoiding the well meaning but given corrupt instructions by their superiors government enforcement personnel, ending up with the girl, who puts herself as a shield between me and those still operating under false orders and just as she is about to be offed in the effort to get at me I wake up.

And it’s another one of those brutal lung clearing muscle tearing asthma induced coughing to a state of near vomiting session mornings. Just wonderful. And now that I can breathe again, I am typing this up to post on my blog later today, still wondering where the eff the dream impetus, let alone the entire contents came from. Crikey my head’s messed up over this one.



  1. OOOooooo…..what if this is your dream, and that hero stuff was your reality….oooooo….
    Sounds like a cool dream though…most of my dreams are nightmare, zombie/monster/war/chemical spill related. Yeah subconcious…did I spell that right…nah…oh well, more fun to keep on typing on your blog comments section.
    Peace and some zzzz’s to you.

  2. I’M BACK! YOU’RE GONNA BE OKAY! Now, stop squirming.

  3. Weird, man, just plain weird… but yet cool, too. Sorry to hear about the coughing fit thing. Hope you’re feeling better now. 🙂

  4. I had a dream the other night that I had to dive into the water to save a co-worker, and as I tried to get them back to the boat a shark came at us. The entire time I was trying to hustle the co-worker to the boat, I kept trying to frantically explain to the shark that what he thought was blood in the water was really tomato paste, because my co-worker is such a fucking wop.

    But it’s good to see you’re back…

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