Posted by: Arkay | November 25, 2008

Compatibility Meme?

Now for something a bit more serious that my usual offerings. This one has come into my head in bits and pieces over the past while and, even though it is far from comprehensive, I shall post it now for you to use or not, as you will.

In the arms of the one you Love, would you rather Be:

…watching a Sunrise or a Sunset?

…eating delectable bits of chocolate or juicy pieces of fresh cut fruit?

…savouring a wonderfully intimate tryst, or anticipating having one?

…held quietly or hear soft whispers of endearment?

…planning for a vacation or for a family?

…comfortably clothed or completely naked?

…hugging or kissing?

…feeling mostly loved or mostly aroused?

…listening to a favourite song or watching your favourite movie?

…about to go to sleep or just waking up?

…hearing what they’re thinking, or telling what you are?

…facing towards them or facing away (spooning)?

…alone or with friends/family?

…held tight or gently stroked?

…broke and happy or financially secure and somewhat ok?

…pleased that you just sated them or glowing from their efforts?

…thanking them for something they did or accepting their thanks?

…admiring their fine body or appreciating their keen mind?

…wondering if “it gets any better than this” or knowing it can’t possibly?




  1. Very thought provoking! Nicely done.

  2. Must you do the mushy lovey shit? Seriously dude. Post about poop or farting.

  3. […] 26, 2008 by retardedrugrat I saw this meme over at Pessimistic Idealist, and couldn’t resist doing it. So, I stole borrowed […]

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