Posted by: Arkay | December 2, 2008


anyone out there still reading my blog… Anyone?



  1. I’m here my friend.

  2. I am here…waiting for new & exciting things, or not so new & exciting things…:)
    I check in daily if at all possible.

  3. anyone?…anyone?…Bueller?

    I’m still here. Sorry for my lack of participation lately, have been dealing with health issues. I still love you though 🙂

  4. Damn…if you weren’t down in da dumps, you know I would of answered “No”…
    Still reading though.
    I think the whole blogging thing is slowing down, due to saturation and the holidays, but I loves it to keep up with my peeps…yo,yo,yo!

  5. Yes you twit. Now start posting.

  6. ty. five ‘readers’ is far better than zero, or even one or two in my books. ty all. (i get a lot of views/visits to my blog – nearing 10,000 if you can believe it?!? i can’t – hence the check to see if it’s just google search fantasy art lookie loo’s or if i still had actual readers.)

    To BTM, simply knowing that is a boost.

    Hi Andrea, with your busy schedule, that is very kind of you. I will try and make at least some of them interesting (or at least funny the odd time).

    (((((hugs))))) Bottlecappie Sorry to hear of the health stuff. Hope it all fades sooner rather than later.

    lol (sort of) Vulfie (i still got those major dumps going on. But trust you to come up with something to try and put a grin on my face anyways 😛 and btw, your ‘peeps’ is whiter than English Bone China so that makes us ‘honkeys’ (as to me a ‘yo,’yo is something that spins on a string)

    Ok AB, soon, i promise.

  7. I stop and pop my head in every once in a while. It’s hard with my work schedule… I don’t really have time to blog surf as much as I’d like anymore. I have just enough time to upload pre-written articles, edit them, and then maybe, maybe head over to one or two other blogs.

    Hey, I’m doing the best I can.

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