Posted by: Arkay | December 11, 2008

milestone… missed

i completely missed my Blog milestone of 10K visits šŸ˜¦ musta happened earlier this week. Oh well.

in belated (lol, the first time i typed that, i spelt it “bleated”, maybe should have left it that way *grin*) celebration *da Ta Da DA!* i now sit at the grand total of 10,202 ‘visits’ to my blog. (kermit goes *Yeaa!!!* waving his skinny little green arms and the crowd goes wild!!!!)

Thanks to all of you who made it happen (and all the fantasy artist lookie loos who artificially boost that # by a factor of, oh ten or so šŸ˜‰ )

anyways, happy holidays everyone.



  1. Congrats, you sexy Canadian you!

  2. CLEARLY you haven’t seen me a picture of me yet, LOL!

    Sexy? HA! best i could ever do was “sorta cute”, and that was long before i hit puberty and even knew i wanted girls interested in me. šŸ˜›

  3. well one of my coworkers thinks you are tall dark & handsome…

  4. Happy Chistmakwanachuanuka!

  5. Priceless reference to Kermit. I always think of that head back, skinny green flailing arm jubilation when there’s a celebration of sorts. I imitated it once at a flag football game this past Fall, but everyone thought I was just having a seizure.

    Too bad you weren’t there to help me out.

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