Posted by: Arkay | December 18, 2008

this can’t be real!!!

it just can’t. there’s no way a long distance on-line friend of mine is in the hospital in the ICU having seriously attempted suicide because of me, because all i wanted her to do was try and heal (she’s one of ‘us’) as i need to do before we try, if ever, to meet in person. It’s just not real. please tell me it’s not real. It just can’t be. it just cant. it… cant. :’-(

(written three days ago. not posted until today. it’s real. fuk me.)



  1. what happened??? Oh my goodness…

  2. Xplain….I hope is all right with both of you. Damn arkay your having a hell of ride as of late, I hope you see some happiness soon.
    Peace and Love…

  3. WTF?? I am floored. Please explain as soon as you can.

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