Posted by: Arkay | December 29, 2008

TOAST and Marshmallows

Random unconnected thoughts that passed through my brain this morning (in no particular order)…

Yorkle. fhon Grubbits, p-ting!

Anyone remember Snagglepuss?

Why don’t i have any happy memories? Or why can’t i think of any?

People are strange, weird, different… What is normal?

You’d think after spinning your tires uselessly (and way too fnuking loudly) for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES STRAIGHT you’d get the hint and go get a bus to work, but no… you just gotta go that EXTRA FIFTEEN MINUTES taking it right to 6:30am on the dot and have your car move the necessary TWELVE FEET so it can COMPLETELY BLOCK THE LANE for everyone else who actually HAS SNOW TIRES from getting out because you ABANDONED your car right there THANK-YOU VERY MUCH!

oh, and if you come home to find your WINDSHIELD SMASHED IN COMPLETELY, that would be my contribution. (not really, but excessively tempting all the same)

Isn’t an Improvised Explosive Device just a fancy way of saying Land mine?!? And isn’t the US not only an adamant NON-signatory on the treaty to ban landmines (initiated by Canada many many years ago), but also THE LARGEST SUPPLIER OF LANDMINES IN THE WORLD for decades on end?

Gnurble flork.

Rum-tum-tiddly-uhm I wonder what polar bears do for fun? (I just know there’s a “tight seal” joke in there, but I’m not touching it… aourk, aourk, aourk!)

I really gotta do BTM’s ‘Vote 4 her’ write-up asap.

I wonder if the former Mr. Books has read my story yet?

Peanut butter and (homemade) Jam sandwiches have to be the best Saturday morning breakfast ever.

Why is the sky blue? (Actually, I know the answer to this one, but whenever I’m having random thoughts, it always comes up somehow.)

Peupty-poopty head!




  1. Get out of my head!


  2. At first I thought you joined a Cthulhu cult and were chanting or something.
    I remember Snagglepuss.
    Story will be read….tonight…it’s on my to-do list, honest……

  3. Hey J., now THAT was a very funny comment!

    Hi Wulfgar. No, just a random thought, any chluthu chanting i do in private 😉 . And no rush on the story, really! You have your own stuff/family first (and foremost, always!). I just wondering, that’s all.

    And to everyone: I don’t know what the library hours are over New Years, so in case i don’t get back here before then… Have a good one!

  4. Actually, that was Ang commenting from my computer. What I have to say is that landmines and IEDs are completely different, but ultimately aim for the same result.

    Landmines are produced in factories by a pattern and come in varied forms. IEDs are usually giant pipe bombs, made from scraps, packed with nails, broken glass, ball bearings, etc to act as shrapnel.

    I’m just sayin…

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