Posted by: Arkay | January 9, 2009

-ve meme

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before i stop having nights that end up with me coming up with stuff like this instead of sleeping…


(for each of the following pick the least desirable option in your opinion)

Least favourite whole number between 0 and 11.

for me, this is the #6… i actually took each digit and compared it to all the others until i found one i liked less, and then ran that one through the list (1-10) and it ends up i like “6” the least.

Being pinched on the arm of the leg.

i think the arm, less nerve endings close together in my leg i guess.

Eating something that is too hot, or drinking something that is too cold.

too hot is worse, as the burns don’t go away as fast as the ache from the cold beverage.

to eat: Mushy Peas, Escargot, Haggis.

Mushy peas (if you’ve ever had them, and aren’t a Brit with ZERO taste buds, you’ll agree)

a bad sunburn or 5 fingertip paper cuts.

the paper cuts. at least with the sunburn you eventually get to play with the whole peeling thing.

not available for 24 consecutive hours starting now: cellphone, internet, TV/videogames.

none of the above, if it’s only for 24hrs. If it was to be a week or longer, definitely the internet.

suffering from a burp or a sneeze that won’t come.

the burp, by far. ‘Cause even once you’ve finally done it, the ache is still there.

stubbing your toe or biting your tongue (literally).

the tongue. thought the toe hurts more initially, the tongue hurts longer.

a poopy toilet that’s about to overflow or seeing bugs in your kitchen.

tie. unless the poopy toilet is at someone else’s house and you won’t have to clean it up.

barking your shin or twinging your funny bone.

the funny bone thing, as i’m so used to banging my shins when i was a kid.

having someone you care about be angry with you, disappointed in you, be completely indifferent to you.


no sex, no food, no toilet paper.

though i’ve never experienced it, i cannot imagine doing without toilet paper.

with no-one you can call to help out: feeling extremely horny, utterly alone, hurting desperately.

utterly alone.

going without for an entire month: human contact (touch), caffeine (in whatever form), any income whatsoever.

being an often unfulfilled touch slut, the human contact.

being broke, being alone, being unhealthy.

alone. the other two can be tolerable if someone else is around.

ice cream headaches or diarrhea gut clenches.

uh, tie?

eating something that is too bitter, too salty, too spicy.

if there are no liquids around… too salty, otherwise, too bitter.


“It’s not the load that breaks you, it’s the way you carry it.” – Lou Holtz



  1. By the by, I’m working on this….

  2. Which is worse? How about which is better?

  3. Hey Wulfgar, you’re not seriously going to do this one, are you?

    Mr. (now happily married) J., since none of the options are any good/better (or something you’d actually want to happen), I went with answering what would be the least preferred option… thus making it a completely negative meme. Maybe in a few months i’ll come up with a +ve/best option one.

  4. 6 is a victim. I hate 9s… except for the 9 times table which shows the evil genius of God.

    I’m aware I am in disagreement with you on a couple of key issues, but here’s my answers.

    arm; too hot; escargot; papercuts; ‘net; sneeze; toe; toilet; funny bone; angry; toilet paper; hurting; caffeine; unhealthy; diarrhoeia; spicy.

    It’s weirdly (scatologically) poetic, when you answer with only key words…

  5. Ok, now i gotta try…

    hmmm, becomes surreal if you group and add various punctuation –

    arm hot peas!
    cut-net burp,
    tongue tie funnybone;
    disappointed TP alone…
    (tie) bitter.


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