Posted by: Arkay | January 12, 2009

Faking it

I’m sure you’re all sick of the reality of my life… so, for today y’all just pretend…

My life’s only full of









  1. & do you have a golden horse shoe up yer arse, too? Where’s the picture of that one?

  2. Not what I expected to be following “my life is full of” statement………..
    spackle……I still don’t get what’s so funny.
    Go Wings!

  3. Hi Andrea. So, i try and put something +ve up here and you only want to know if I have a bent piece of shiny valuable metal shoved up my rectum, and photo’s of same?!? 😛

    Well, i guess I’ll just have to let you check the next time i see you… 😉

    Hey Vulfie. You’re telling me you weren’t expecting Sunshine and Flowers and Rainbows, Oh My! ? I did use the words ‘Faking’ and ‘Pretend’ did i not? Oh, and to me, ‘Spackle’ is just a funny word when i say it… Spackle, spackle, spackle! lol.

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