Posted by: Arkay | January 16, 2009

so much for that

*ehhhhhhnnnnnhhhhhhh* (buzzer sound), strike one. Probably would have been a person who maybe coulda helped me, but a couple of things (external to the therapy, but directly related to me going and seeing him) have made continuing the process started Wednesday not an option. So, for that attempt… FAIL.

Now working up to making the effort to go back to the referral place to try and get an appt next week to see about getting started with someone different. Wish me luck.



  1. was the guy a jerk or something? I thought he was highly recommended?
    Don’t give up!

  2. Don’t worry, not giving up. As i said, the problems have nothing to do with the Psychiatrist himself – he probably would have been helpful to me, i just cannot deal with his receptionist person – not a jerk, just not someone i can deal with right now (part of what i need therapy for!), and the commute was a really long way to put up with that to get help. Will try again locally… soon. Hug.

  3. Well, that’s why they give you three strikes. And don’t think of this as a strike. Taking a strike usually means the bat stayed on the shoulder. Take this as a foul tip. You made contact, it just didn’t go the direction you wanted.

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