Posted by: Arkay | February 2, 2009

January Booklist :)

This year I’ve actually started writing down the books I’ve read (completed) since Jan 1st. I figure I’ll see how it goes and put the list up here every month or so. For those of you who don’t know, reading is my primary brain distraction, and thus I am rarely reading less than 3-4 books at a time, and sometimes as many as 7 or 8. I figured that recording them once i finished each one would be the best way to try and keep track. So, here’s the list for Jan 2009…

Assassin’s Apprentice – Robin Hobb – Fantasy (trilogy book 1)

Royal Assassin – Robin Hobb – Fantasy (trilogy book 2)

THUD! – Terry Pratchett – Fantasy (‘series’ 30th book)

What Do Jews Believe? – Edward Kessler – Religion

Games People Play – Eric Berne – Psychology

Assassin’s Quest – Robin Hobb – Fantasy (trilogy book 3)

Fool’s Errand – Robin Hobb – Fantasy (trilogy book 1)

What Do Pagans Believe? – Graham Harvey – Religion

Golden Fool – Robin Hobb – Fantasy (trilogy book 2)

What Do Muslims Believe? – Ziauddin Sadar – Religion

Fool’s Fate – Robin Hobb – Fantasy (trilogy book 3)

What Do Hindus Believe? – Rachel Dwyer – Religion

What Do Buddhists Believe? – Tony Morris (series editor) – Religion

The Grid – Philip Kerr – Future Fiction

The Two Faces of Islam – Stephen Schwartz – Non-Fiction

Pleasure Unbound – Larissa Ione – Paranormal Romance

And being read right now are Feeling Good (psych), What Do Druids Believe? (Religion), Prisoners of Childhood (Psych), Tigana (Fantasy), and in the pipe is a Robert Ludlum novel (I know, I know, *sigh*) Ambler Warning.



  1. I have no idea where you get the time to read all these books. Secondly, I can’t crack open the same book I’ve been reading since last October without yawning and crashing out in three paragraphs….

  2. I have read 6 books since Christmas…but it is a series & I NEED more! I don’t think the next ones are out yet…oh well…guess I will have to wait!

  3. Impressive!

  4. Ah, J. the time to read… well, i have always made time in my life to read something at least every other day, but right now it’s a combination of a) not working, b) my ability to read way faster than i want to sometimes, and c) the need to do something when i can’t sleep to stop my brain from racing away to the bad places, thus 6-8hrs @ 400-600+ wds/min consumes books at a frantic rate *sigh*.

    Hi Andrea, Ya, i look for series too, series with ‘thick’ books if i can find them 😛

    Thanks Wulfgar, though i don’t do it to impress (see reply to J.) but mostly as a way of escaping, as well as learning, educating myself, trying to find different ways to look at things… but mostly escaping.

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