Posted by: Arkay | February 9, 2009

Picture changes

I’ve sort of gotten into the idea of changing my header picture with the seasons, upcoming holiday’s, current mood etc. and think i may be ready to renew my Avatar to something other than a black space again.

I’m wondering if y’all want to have a say in it, or should i just go and pick one for myself without input? (suggestions will be accepted by e-mail, or i can put some up here in a post for you to vote on.)

Anyways, let me know what you think.



  1. If you find the picture I am requesting in my last post, I suggest you use that one.

  2. Something Calvin & Hobbes..:)

  3. The turtle with the helmet shell…

  4. To AB NO! 🙂

    Not feeling that good yet Andrea.

    J., you might be onto something with that one though, keep watching this space…

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