Posted by: Arkay | February 11, 2009

-ve to +ve

Stuck in the swirling eddies of negativity in my stream of consciousness since early this morning. Have a half dozen rants boiling up inside my head not worth spewing all over you here. Hoped i’d find something to shift my thinking, not expecting to though…

and then i saw this at the top of the WordPress dashboard as i signed in and i tell you in all sincerity to click and read

The True Cost of Living

too bad my pessimistic side’s overriding my idealist side right now, otherwise i’d believe this was possible. oh well, *sigh*



  1. HUGS CANNOT BE OUTLAWED!!! 🙂 That’s great!

  2. You, my friend, need you try these pills the kind doctors gave me. They are maaaaaavalous. Smooches.

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