Posted by: Arkay | February 15, 2009


Wow. 365 days since my first post… ever. Never knew what the blog world had to offer before Valentines last year, and now have one entire orbit of the sun to reflect back on. There’s been a lot of changes in that time (and not just with the WordPress dashboard 😉 ), mostly with friends coming and going here in the blog world, so I thought I’d try and acknowledge as many as I can remember in one sitting. Some of these people blog under a different persona now, and many of them are long gone from the blog world, or have decided (or been told) to no longer visit, but all were special in their time, to me at least. Thank-you all for visiting, and commenting and making this world a little better for me each day I had a visit from you, or got to visit you at “your place”.

Greybeard, Retardedrugrat, Bottlecappie, Mister Books, Harmony, Angryballerina, Beartwinsmom, Lakota, Mr. Mobbs, Patient Anonymous, Katyboo1, Titaniumrose, Wulfgar, Andrea, J. and Banana.

Oh, and since I’m a bit of a numbers guy, here’s a few stats from my dashboard as of this moment:
156 posts/pages
13,599 Total “Views”
112 max single day viewing
Most viewed posts
2,565 Favorite Fantasy Artists (hooray for Luis Royo searches!)
1,687 Missed One! (another fantasy artist post)
(3rd through 7th place are in the low hundreds)

Hugs to all, and please take care.



  1. wow & I didn’t even get you a gift..sorry! 😉

  2. Wow. Thank you so much for mentioning me…you are so sweet.

    Congratulations and Happy Blog Anniversary/Birthday! I can’t believe it’s been a year.

    I know, time can fly…even with blogging, right?


  3. Congrats my shnookie!

  4. Yeeehaaawwww! A year, and so much the better we all are for having known you!

  5. Thank-you all.

  6. And here’s to another 365 days!

  7. congratulations!

  8. Let’s hope J.

    Thank-you Pip, and welcome to my blog! 😉

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