Posted by: Arkay | February 24, 2009

I had no words

Until today that is.

Something happened yesterday that was so amazingly wonderful it not only left me at a complete loss for words (if anyone had been there to hear), but made me feel so whole that my mind was completely emptied of any negativity (thoughts, feelings, my illnesses etc.) and an actual feeling of calm (peace?) and worthwhileness that just froze me in place, staring, for I don’t know how many moments.

What could possibly have rendered the great rob speechless (those who know me would be astonished at that alone) but also make him feel good about himself at the same time? Well, this…


My little niece Naia, who’s 2 1/2 (with a little help from her mom – Thank-you so much Naomi) sent her Uncle Rob a Valentine (with her own hand print on it!!!) on the paper I had given her at Christmas with an art easel. Belated, unexpected, and so wonderful as sure to be one of my most treasured posessions. I am blessed. *big sigh* (in a really good way this time)



  1. That is the coolest thing I have heard today!

  2. Great, you got me all teary eyed. Kids are magically, fer sure. Their honesty, love and acceptance are things that should be treasured.
    Naia is blessed to have an Uncle that honestly appreciates her, and that too, is a beautiful thing. Kids are so taken for granted.
    Bless you and your family…

  3. […] February 26, 2009 · No Comments Kids rule and should be appreciated for their kindess and love.  Here is why… […]

  4. how delightful! glad to hear that something has finally cheered you up a bit…

  5. Awww (or “Awe?”) That is just great.

    I have a similar story but I actually started bawling while speechless.

    Ex-partner’s friends have a son who is Autistic (remember, they are her friends.) For my birthday when we were still together (again, my birthday!) they gave me his first two free hand drawings.

    They were of both ex-partner and myself (although no one could figure out who was whom!)

    His mom is an artist so they were done on stretched canvas and varnished–he did them in black marker. The only thing they helped him was writing his name on the side and “initialling” them at the bottom as an artist would.

    I was like, why me? Ex-partner was (and is) his godmother! They just said no…they are for you.

    I wanted to die on the spot!

    When ex-partner and I broke up, I said she should have them. We “argued” over it (we never, ever fought) and I even suggested we “split” them. One for each of us. She said, nope!

    Of course I still have them and…ugh. Sometimes they still choke me up.

  6. That’s awesome PA, thanks for sharing. Clearly you’ve experienced pretty much how I felt. (((hug)))

  7. This is an awesome post. It’s not often I read something and smile. …not saying that I did smile or anything. I mean, I have a rep to keep, you know?

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