Posted by: Arkay | March 3, 2009

My “S.E.X.Y.” Name

Romeo Offering Backrubs and Erotic, Rapturous Touches

(click to get your s.e.x.y. name)

Well, uh… ya, guilty as charged…

(and I am damn good at massage… and that other stuff as well, though i’m way out of practice)

Just wish I had some willing participants… a few then maybe? a couple? ok, even just one?




  1. That is so cheesy it makes me want to order pizza and get blockbuster… and take a shower. Jesus.

  2. Well J., either you see the humour in it too, or you’re just really put out by what it came up with for your name… I’m betting on the latter 😉

  3. I was Romeo Offering Necking….but I prefer Raunchy Obese Nudist. Yeeaaaahhh!

  4. Oh I SO like your preference Wulfgar! LOL! You have to set up a website that comes up with ones like that in ‘competition’ with the ‘sexy’ name site.

    And just wondering why you didn’t input Wulgar in the system… hmm, let’s see, using your method we’d get something like Wantonly Uninhibited Lustful Frantically Groping Amorous Raunchmonster. Of course I’d have to check with your loving wife on that one, but I think I’m pretty close 😉

  5. Mine is Princess Imparting Pleasure… couldn’t have said it better m’self. 😛

  6. I’m glad that fits you perfectly 🙂

    Now, at the risk of offending you (Pip), I think I’m going to try and “Wulfgar” your name as well, so… hey, this one’s easy: Prefers Intense Penetrations 😉
    *ducks and runs away*, just in case…

  7. i thought that was …ummm… well…. sweet.
    in a sort of cute, pervy way. heehee

  8. You dirty little dog! I *love* it!

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