Posted by: Arkay | March 31, 2009

lame post

so, it’s sunny today, but still windy and cold. That makes it officially exactly ONE DAY(!) so far this year that’s been sunny and ‘somewhat’ warm (me not needing a jacket). And even then it was still cool in the shade and icy cold that night (near to freezing).

April better damn well make up for this.



  1. & it’s almost our birthdays…:) a completely random thought!

  2. It was kinda the same here, but almost up to fifty. Where is the suuuummmmmmeeeeeeeer?

  3. We’ve been getting another taste of winter here – it actually snowed yesterday – YUCK!

  4. Dude, you live in Canada… where April doesn’t exist!

  5. not entirely random, me thinks Andrea 😉

    Summer?!? Heck Angry, I just want me some good ol’ Pacific Northwest SPRING!

    Hey Pip, so did we. Not the exact area I live in, but all round in neighbouring municipalities.

    Why, yes I do J.! And she does too exist up here, I went to high school with her 😛

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