Posted by: Arkay | April 9, 2009

visual adjustments

or would that be additions? no matter.

Here are the latest changes to my blog ‘image’ in their raw state.

First, my new Gravatar – the peanut butter monkey cake:

(edit Aug 6, 2009: the recipe link is now below – in the comments 😀 )


and in honour of my birth month (and Zodiac Sun Sign) – the Pleiades star cluster (making up part of the Taurus constellation):




  1. pretty!

  2. hmmm I wonder where I can get me a banana tablecloth? 🙂

  3. Looks like an intergalactic merge signal….

  4. to Banana 🙂

    I will keep my eye out for one ANDREA

    or is it “bear right” J.?

  5. I want to make !!
    how can I do this?
    where did you get the picture from?

  6. hi Gabrielle. I’m guessing you’re referring to the exceedingly cute monkey cake, and not the broad expanse of universe, as far as ‘making it’ goes 😉

    I can help a little bit with the cake, but massive cosmic forces are a bit beyond me *chuckle*.

    I found the pic of the cake on Google images, but i seem to remember at least some of the pics i found that day came from a recipe site (or not). I will see what i can do to track it down for you (as i was certainly not using ‘monkey cake’ as a search term). You can also take a walk to your nearest library, as the selection of cake decorating/making books may astound you.

    Again, thanks, for commenting =)

  7. here you go… this seems to be the source for the original recipe/pic

  8. well yu get clusters and then yu get bananas and then yu bake them together and there yu go stupids

  9. Can I get the recipe for that cake!! Please

  10. Hi Colleen i included a link to the actual recipe a couple of comments up, just click and you’re home free! 😀

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