Posted by: Arkay | April 14, 2009

minor annoyance

Here I was all set yesterday to post a couple of things, had several e-mails ready to go as well, and found out all the libraries around here were closed for the THIRD DAY this weekend!!!

What a crappy find out. Now I know this only happens like once a year (maybe twice, depending on how Christmas falls), but it sure got me thinking about trying to find a way to afford internet at home. (for the record, dial-up sucks around here, and is not that cheap anyways, and cable is a pain in the tookas if you JUST want internet and not some package deal with television (chaching$$). Besides, my PC isn’t that great as it is anyways, I don’t need anything fancy, just fast broadband for, uh, um, well, you don’t all need to know that ;))

Still, sucked not to have access yesterday. (‘yesterday’s’ posts are below)



  1. Fuck it….get a bunch of tin cans, some duct tape to tape cans to our groups computers, and a helluva pile of tight kite string.

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