Posted by: Arkay | April 16, 2009

They’re Heeeeeeeer!

This is the one time of the year I really regret not having television (cable or internet) at home (or any friends to hone in on). Yes, the NHL PLAYOFFS are here!

This will be the third year that I won’t be able to watch even a single game ‘at home’, *sigh*. Granted, I do have radio, but that only allows me to listen to (very excellent) broadcasts of my local team. In regards to that, I am a HOCKEY fan, certainly not a ‘homer’ in any sense at all, and would much rather see really great game(s), regardless of the teams involved. I would also love to go see a playoff game in person at least once in my life, but this year I would just like to SEE a game (on TV).

Unfortunately, especially since there is an outstanding sports bar near where I live that has a 36′ HD screen as well as 50 or more televisions throughout, I rarely drink (and NEVER drink and drive – there is no transit to speak of to get there) combined with my anxiety and, as Wulfgar terms it, the big ‘D’, make getting out, especially on my own, to a place like that just not something that is going to happen. *double sigh*

So, I will have to get my fix living vicariously through local sports radio, newspapers and a portion of my limited library internet time. And for those of you who do follow the sport, here’s the teams I’d like to see get through the first round (these are not predictions of who I think will advance): Vancouver, Detroit, San Jose and Chicago in the west and the Bruins, ‘Canes, Capitals and Penguins in the east.



  1. Save yourself the worry….you know the wings will bring Lord Stanley home to hockeytown.
    Funny, Hockey is the only sport that I’ll watch through the championships, even if my hometeam isn’t represented.
    Radio is better than nuttin tho!

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