Posted by: Arkay | April 29, 2009

Well lookie there…

Two weeks ago as part of this post I listed my preferences for who I wanted to advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and though I made clear that they weren’t predictions, 7 of the eight(!) came about. And the one that didn’t has given my local team (Vancouver Canucks) what everyone here feels will be an better matchup (than facing those lowly Wulfgar supported Redwings :P)

So, to continue on with my prefs, 2nd round I’d like to see the Caps crush the Pens and the Bruins wipe the floor with the Canes in the east, and have the Ducks take those dreaded Wings to game seven and lose, and the ‘Nucks take Chicago in five and then Vulfie and me will have to figure out an inexpensive (and green?) wager on the outcome of the Western final. Whadda ya say EarthGuy?




  1. I’m up for a wager…food or green like….I’m always scard against those Ducks tho……Them and Nashville always make me clench my gut. All those years of being a “DeadWings” fan…still hard to shake that off.

  2. Uh, you do know by green I meant something eco-friendly? (we have that funny coloured munny up here, so I sometimes forget about the almighty ‘greenback’)

    Yeah, the quacks gotta scare you even more with the recent injury announcements for your team. You in tough in this round. (that’s why the wager would be for the conference finals – and why i said 7 games to decide your series)

  3. Woot……wooot…..wooooot!!!!! Start thinking of a bet buddy….and by green, I was thinking enviro…not the greenback….besides, I am a stumble away from Canada if you want me to pick up some of the funny coloured paper you guys use….but I love the Loon!

  4. I waited 2 ot’s to post a “woohoo” comment on here. Quick wake up call after 4.5hrs of hockey. Oh well, next game please…..

  5. ….The B’s are the only Boston/New England team without a championship in the 21st century. They’re playing just good enough to make me pay attention to that fact.

    Here’s to the Bruins!

  6. I 2nd “to the Bruins”….I always raise a glass to one of the six…..

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