Posted by: Arkay | April 30, 2009

April 30th Birthdays

(edit note: list edited and restructured for brevity, and to remove a lot of irrelevant modern sports figures – gist of the post remains the same)

1905 Henrich Schlappi, born in Switzerland, 4 man bobsled 1924 Olympics gold 1903 Gunther AR Raphael, German composer, Symphony Breve 1902 Andre-Franeois Marescotti, composer 1902 Rudolf Wittelsbach, composer 1902 Theodore William Schultz, American Economist 1899 Jannetje Fisherman-Roosendaal, author, regional novels 1899 Lucie Mannheim, born in Berlin, actress, East Meets West, 39 Steps 1896 Gary Davis, born in Laurens, South Carolina, blues/folk guitarist, A Little More Faith 1893 Joachim von Ribbentrop, German SS fuhrer/foreign minister 1891 Watze Cuperus, Frisian author, Swart mar leaflik 1889 Acario Cotapos, composer 1889 Rudolph Hermann Simonsen, composer 1888 John Crowe Ransom, U.S. poet and critic, God Without Thunder 1886 Frank Merrik, composer 1885 Luigi Russolo, composer 1884 Albert Israel Elkus, composer 1883 David John de Lloyd, composer 1882 Trijntje “Nine” van de Schaaf, author, To the Invisible 1877 Alice B. Toklas, American 1874 Cyriel Verschaeve, Belgian priest/writer 1870 Franz Lehar, operetta composer, Naughty Marietta 1864 Frans Netscher, Dutch writer/journalist, Studies of nude model 1858 Mary Scott Lord Dimmick Harrison, 1st lady, 1889-1893 1851 Indrid Einarsson, Iceland playwright, Nyjarsnottin 1846 Rosalie Amstein, writer 1837 Alfred Gaul, composer 1834 John Lubbock, British Statesman 1830 Davis Tillson, Major General Union volunteers, died in 1895 1823 George JD Campbell, Scottish/British Minister to Indies, 1868-74/80-85 1812 Kaspar Hauser, German son of grand duke Karel van Bathe 1805 William Kerley Strong, Brigadier General Union volunteers, died in 1867 1797 Andreas V Michiels, Dutch military governor of West-Sumatra 1796 Isaac M “Isaac A” Cremieux, French lawyer/minister of Justice 1792 Johann Friedrich Schwencke, composer 1790 John Cockerill, English/Belgian industrialist 1777 Carl Friedrich Gauss, world’s great mathematician 1771 Hosea Ballou, American Clergyman 1770 David Thompson, English/Canadian explorer, Columbia River 1767 Jean Henri Appelius, lawyer/minister of Finance 1743 Robert Jasper van de Capellen, master of Marsch/politician 1717 Guillaume Gommaire Kennis, composer 1651 Jean-Baptiste de la Salle, French priest/theorist/saint 1602 William Lilly, England, astrologer, author, and almanac compiler 1309 Kazimierz III de Great, King of Poland, 1333-70

seems i didn’t make the list 😦



  1. for the record, I should be between Aundray Bruce and Sandra Beikoff

  2. Now that sounds dirty…..
    But like Happy B-day and all, wish I could be there to share a cake or something. Swear to G, we gotta all get together one weekend this Summer….it would be a blast….or a total fucking nightmare….either way, I’m up for it!

  3. AUUGGHHHHHH!!! I missed your birthday?
    ~banging head on desk~
    i sorry honey.
    card and gift on way to you next week.
    better late than never?

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