Posted by: Arkay | May 14, 2009

Not this

*warning* image (in the first one) is graphic and stories are nauseating …at least to me)

acid attack victims


girls school students apparently mass poisoned

(note: this post goes with the one above – in keeping with my blog title)



  1. Thanks to Firefox’s ….. awesome ability to show me what a linked page looks like before I click on it, I got to enjoy the scarred faces of the unfortunate without having to click my mouse once. Awesome. Go Mozilla!

  2. I’m very sorry about that. I really hate the whole “site previews” thing myself (takes forever to try and actually ‘click’ a link sometimes. I turn it off whenever i’m given the option, and am trying to find some way in wordpress to make sure it doesn’t happen with my blog anymore, but i think you’re right (and thus i am screwed to find as solution) in it being a firefox not wordpress problem.

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