Posted by: Arkay | May 16, 2009

more truthful?

Stemming from a recent conversation with a friend, and realizing after a mental review of (pretty much all) of my postings in my head last night, i have decided to (temporarily?) change the tag line in my blog header to (may?)be more reflective of the truth of things.

(EDIT: here is the temporary tag line that was responsible for this post… “musings of a soft and fluffy β€˜beta’ male”)

I have always tried to be as honest as possible in all my dealings with others in my life, and thus look for and welcome such in those i deal with (one of the key criteria for being my friend – in almost all cases).

Now, since some of you know me outside of this blog (through private emails, mailings, etc.) and a couple even know me in person, i would welcome your opinions/feedback on this adjustment better representing my “publicly presented persona”, keeping in mind the posts (and comments on your blogs, if applicable) i have made so far.

Thank-you in advance for your contributions. (Please note: comments by email instead (or in addition to) will also be gratefully considered.)

(and for those who never saw, or don’t remember it, my previous tag line was “Depression and anxiety, Humour, Kindness, Fantasy Art and World Views,” which never really drew all that many, if any viewers to my blog, as far as i know – not that i expect this one to do any better :P)



  1. soft & fluffy? I like it. Is it true? Perhaps!
    Beta? I thought you were VHS… πŸ™‚

  2. That makes you the Master Beta of this blog, eh?

  3. Oh, and have a happy May Two-four!

  4. *peeking out of the dark hole*

    Fluffy? Yeah, I like it!

  5. I think it’s very fitting.

  6. Soft… sorta sometimes, fluffy, as fluffy as full grown males get, for sure. Beta… um. The human experience is so much more varied than alpha vs beta… but you are a protector, not just a supporter/nurturer. so there. πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for everything: Friday was a long hard day, but so much forward motion. πŸ™‚

  7. I like it, the change, … it reflects a more upbeat and positive take on what you’re all about, which I think will help you keep a (positive) focus on how/what you want to write and relate to your readers. As far as “beta male” is concerned… well… not my cup of tea, but then again, Alphas don’t drink tea.

  8. ahh bunny bear – of course i like it. Though i would be interested in knowing how YOU define “beta” since unlike “alpha” it has a broader realm of interpretation.

    Also, i think when your focus is “depression and anxiety” driven rather than contemplations of life in general, you can inadvertently feed that well. IMHO.

    hope you’re doing well – sorry i have been scarce. Radio show on top of book on top of work on top of squeezing in some painting time has kept me mostly offline.

    But i do send you happy juju thoughts EVERY day.

  9. Hi, a couple of things…if I may say so?

    The first has nothing to do with your “New Title.” It’s about the cartoon you’ve added to your Header. Just from first looking at it, it felt (to me, anyway) that it detracted from your Pages.

    And/or at the bottom, the cartoon got cut off.

    So, it’s kind of a po-tay-to/po-tah-to thing going on. That’s just a design issue.

    I don’t work with a WP template that has a modifiable Header, not to mention, I suck uber-“fill in the negative blank” at graphic design. As you recall, the course I took made me want to throw myself off a cliff!

    So, I’m not sure if you could do any work with the cartoon. I was playing around with the template you suggested to me when I was contemplating a change (I still have it in “beta”–haha, I’ll get to that–under PA, plus another template to play with but it sucks. Fugly!)

    I tried to change the graphic from: “Cool, Scary, Guy” but it was awful! Not to mention…no ability for any verbiage–hence, no “me!” templates can be very tough to work with for re: lot of things. Well, I feel so. CSS upgrade? Okay but again, better know your code!

    But I digress…I’m not fully “here.”

    As for your new “verbiage.” Now, don’t get mad, it’s constructive criticism!

    Someone Long, Long, Ago, in a Galaxy, Far, Far Away was asking me for help with doing what you are doing. I was even considering changing what I have under PA.

    Commenters said that there were a whole whack of other people that wrote: “Musings.” So, that is just up to you. If you really like the word and it resonates with you, stick with it. If you don’t care about the rest of the blogosphere (and maybe even want to give them the finger?) stick with it! *laughing*

    The remainder? Great. And the “beta?” Now, that I loved. It’s like you’re the “next” version of a man! A “new and improved!” Although, that expression doesn’t make sense because you really can’t be both at the same time…

    I initially thought of beta testing but nevermind…however, I’ve never seen “beta” in a Descriptive Header so that could possibly kick “Musing’s” ass?

    Okay, enough blah, blah, blah feedback from me?

    *Arkay now wanting to pummel PA*

  10. thank-you everyone. very…


  11. Sorry, I went for cheap laughs….you know me…..heeheheh….ahem…

  12. Cool. And I totally love what you added visually to your Header.

    I’ve always been into the abstract (no kidding, huh?) Plus, the colours, tones, hues etc… really compliment the rest of the layout.

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