Posted by: Arkay | May 23, 2009

can’t please everyone

this blog, like my life, has turned into an effort to be all things for all people and thus rarely serves it’s original purpose anymore. This was a slowly creeping self-decision that (as always) i didn’t see myself making …until now. As such, i am looking at starting a new blog focusing on the fun/funny stuff and will take this one back to it’s dark and light insight(s) into my struggles with anxiety, depression, extreme loneliness and need to connect with others who understand and maybe can help me.

Once i have the URL for the new one, i will email it to anyone who posts a comment here requesting same. (yes, i’m going to make you ask for it, i do have some pride left you know, as miniscule as it is :P)



  1. You know, AB made me ask for your and that was kinda sexy…with all the profanity and all….But please, keep in touch with me. I think this blog thing is wearing us all thin, there I go again with the “thin” thing….funny. AB changing, J changing, Wulfie gone, BTM not posting that much…..
    But please, let us all keep in touch, you guys are really my only people I can talk to about shit. Love ya Arkay, all you guys…

  2. Should of Been “Ab made me ask for her Url and…” what the fuck….am I high or something…no just bad at me spelling and stuff.

  3. i want it..:)

  4. the URL that it..:)

  5. Indeed. Ditto for me too re: linkage. However, a couple of suggestion?

    Well, first, a comment on the whole getting “blogged out,” if you will. Been there, done that. Several times. Sometimes you need a break, sometimes people go as far as completely shutting their blogs down altogether! You lose them and you wonder what happened as you haven’t visited the blog in a while and bang!


    So, suggestions?

    You could mix and intermingle things here. Write about the personal and the “whatever” stuff. That’s a suggestions that’s been made to many and all of us that have been in the “blogged out” boat! That is the route I have taken.

    If that doesn’t suit, yes, you can set up a new blog with a new url. One thing about that, however. If you don’t want to lose readership, you can display that link on this blog.

    Basically, a kind of: “…and this is my other blog!” It’s sort of like, read this stuff about me and then read this stuff about me. Or rather…what I want to write about or however you wish to phrase it or think about it in your own head.

    Sometimes when you look at the “About” Pages of people on Blogger, you can be amazed at the list of other blogs that they have! So, in a sense, it’s another form of…hey, yeah…I write about this stuff too.

    Just a thought I wanted to toss out there. You could make it a separate Page and talk a bit about it if you do? That may be the best way to attract the attention of people. More so than, perhaps, putting it on your About Page. Not everyone necessarily reads that.

    What do you think?


    Ahhh…further. Regarding the title of this Post? Your blog is not about pleasing “everyone.” It is not about pleasing your readers. Your blog is all about you! You write whatever the hell you want and people can piss off!

    Read, don’t read. Comment, don’t comment. You’ve even told me this! People’s blogs are their own personal spaces to do whatever they want and it is extremely gratifying if others get something out of what you write but that is not the point.

    You, dig?


  6. Hey, I only changed the name, not the snarky content….

    Subsequently, why is the link to your blog from my blog broken (Wulfie)?

    Arkay: Yeah, send me the link, help me flesh out the groll.

  7. Wulfgar: ok, you’re first on the list for the new blog

    AB: WTF? can’t you ask for yourself? did i do something to piss you off? Oh well, you helped me out a couple of times, so i’ll let this one slide, you’re in too.

    Andrea: Damn! Would much have rather gone with the first comment. Ya, once it’s up you’ll have it (still working on a name).

    PA: i dig. You’re in. (and ftr – i’m not blogged out, just upset that i repeated the pattern AGAIN – i am such shit at trying to get help for myself without automatically turning it into doing things for others)

    J.: Vulfie’s gone blog down permanent like, so link is now useless. But my new one can at least take it’s place, if not its greatness… still need a day or two tho.

  8. I’m blogging vicariously(was I even close at spelling that correctly) through Arkay….not really, but I’m lurking. Bwahaha

  9. I dig part of what you’re saying? I think? A convo we had before? Try not to be so hard on yourself, hon’.

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