Posted by: Arkay | June 3, 2009

Awesome Game Show premis

I only saw bits of the American version of this show (the grand finale of any episode is worth searching for, i couldn’t find any tho), but this is a clip of an awesome elimination round in the original UK version i saw some time ago, and now reprise here for your enjoyment (and cringing at times 😉 ).

Note: it is fairly long if you watch all the way to the end, but to the end of the paintball part is definitely worth your time 😀 ).



and in case you’re interested, the host is Jimmy Carr, acerbic stand-up comedienne and worth a watch all on his own (check out his annihilating a heckler clip on you tube – really good stuff).



  1. Great lil review RK, only issue is Jimmy is a comedian, not a comedienne, as I believe he still has all his genital bits. Do you know something we don’t? 😛

  2. well, originally it was a typo, but then i liked the “frenchsoundingness” of it (especially considering Mr. Carr’s nationality) and then i thought i’d leave it and see if any of my brilliant readers (and you all are) would comment on it and if so, which way. thanks for complying 😉

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