Posted by: Arkay | July 4, 2009

‘recut’ movie trailers

’cause i’m not ready (nor inspired) to write on my absence (and maybe won’t), here’s a couple of the best ‘recut’ trailers on the web…

first The Shining as a romantic comedy (yes, i know, just watch it…)

and now Mary Poppins as a horror movie…




    not in the least relevant to the entry posted, but goawd, what a read. 🙂 enjoy, please? 🙂

  2. Shining wins…hands down. Great editing.

  3. ok filidhe, i have cut pasted it to take home to read, and then i’ll let u know what i think…

    Ya Wulfgar, i agree, but just for the near impossibility of taking a cherished children’s flick and ‘horrifying’ it made it worth putting up here. The music track to the shining one made it way more awesome though.

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