Posted by: Arkay | July 6, 2009

RD Canada Trust

The following is taken from the June ’09 edition of Reader’s Digest here in Canada and are the survey responses to two questions of who/which Canadians do we trust the most. They are the two categories i found the most interesting.

Most Trusted Professions:

1. Firefighters
2. Ambulance drivers/paramedics
3. Airline pilots
4. Nurses
5. Pharmacists
6. Doctors
7. Police
8. Armed forces
9. Veterinarians
10. Dentists
11. Teachers
12. Judges

and the least…

29. Lawyers
30. Print journalists
31. Actors/actresses
32. Car mechanics
33. Investment brokers
34. Taxi drivers
35. Psychics/astrologers
36. CEO’s
37. Real estate agents
38. Home building contractors
39. Politicians
40. Car salespeople
41. Telemarketers

Top 5 Most Trusted Industries:

1. Medical research
2. Technology
3. Food
4. Airline
5. Tourism

and the bottom 5 (least trusted)…

25. Automobile
26. Cellular phone
27. Tobacco
28. Oil
29. Advertising

inneresting, eh?



  1. See, in great-big-capitalist-America, they are all in it for the all-mighty dollar, so I trust no one….scuse me as I good hide in my closet…I know they are watching….

  2. just remember Wulfgar, you’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you… lol!

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