Posted by: Arkay | August 8, 2009

the Greater good

recently several different sources have come together to make me again think about the concept of The Greater Good – as a societal ideal. There have been many attempts throughout the history of man to achieve a society dedicated to the greater good of all – whereby the individual gives of themselves …unconditionally, for the greater good of the whole of society. (Communism being the biggest example). Unfortunately, in practice (read: reality) the greater good always (and only?) means for the greater good of those in power (and their friends, cronies, ‘insiders’ etc.). Then the argument becomes, “Well, those at the top are always going to benefit more than the rest,” and “you can’t change human nature.” Wrong and Wrong! I believe the truest sense of being a leader (to truly be a King/Queen) is to serve. To make sure as many if not all of your subjects/followers have at least the basic minimum, before you take even a single bit more. And as far as not changing human nature, that is a complete fallacy as well, at least as far as any one individual is concerned. I have had dozens of occasions whereby i could have ‘improved my lot in life’ by taking from someone else, knocking them down (unfairly) to ‘advance’, and been much ‘further ahead’ than i am now, but i chose not to. That is fighting (and changing) this aspect of so called ‘human nature’ (and i’m sure making me out to be a complete putz in some of your eyes). You’d think by now most of us would have evolved beyond just being animals, but a quick glance around the world (wars, terrorism, rape, oppression, corruption, and on and on) shows that to be so far from the truth it’s enough to make one give up completely. “For the Greater Good” to truly work, one has to give without regards to onesself at all levels of society, not just the bottom. Personal gain must be put aside until all have the basics of clean drinking water, sanitation, enough to eat, education and the right to live in peace without being at risk of harm every single moment. Only then we can truly start to say we are an enlightened, civilized society, and not before. One earth, all life, one world.


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