Posted by: Arkay | August 12, 2009

inneresting meme

or 60 Questions (doubled)

Spotted this here meme the other day. At some point or another i think i’ve seen a similar one but since I usually avoid them like the plague, i really don’t remember, lol. This one is kinda inneresting tho as the idea is you can *ONLY* answer YES or NO.

And to make it even more interesting I have added my own questions (in italics), stemming from each of the ‘original’ ones (and yes, i answered them honestly too :P)

Been arrested? No
Ridden in a police car? Yes

Kissed someone you didn’t like? No
Stolen a kiss from someone? Yes

Slept in until 5 PM? Yes
Stayed awake more than two days? Yes

Ran a red light? Yes
Run red lights on purpose? No

Been suspended from school? No
Been suspended from work? No

Experienced love at first sight? No
Been with someone more than ten years? Yes

Totaled your car in an accident? Yes
At fault in said accident? No

Been fired from a job? Yes
Been promoted by sucking up? No

Fired somebody? No
Promoted someone? Yes

Sang karaoke? No
Sang outside someone’s window? No

Pointed a gun at someone? Yes
Pointed a loaded gun at someone? No

Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Yes
Deliberately self harmed? Yes

Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes
Put rocks in a snowball you threw at someone? Yes

Kissed in the rain? Yes
Had sex on the beach? Yes

Had a close brush with death (your own)? Yes
Caused someone else to? No

Seen someone die? No
Seen a pet die? Yes

Played spin-the-bottle? Yes
Cheat at spin-the-bottle? Yes

Smoked a cigar? No
Ever smoked at all? No

Sat on a rooftop? Yes
Jumped off a slide? Yes

Smuggled something into another country? No
Had a purchase mailed to you as a ‘gift’? Yes

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? No
Done the wet t-shirt thing? No

Broken a bone? No
Had your wisdom teeth out? Yes

Skipped school? No
Gone to school during the summer? Yes

Eaten a bug? No
Kissed a fish? Yes

Sleepwalked? No
Watched someone sleeping? Yes

Walked a moonlit beach? Yes
Photographed a sunset? Yes

Rode a motorcycle? No
Rode a horse? Yes

Dumped someone? No
Gone on a blind date? No

Lied to avoid a ticket? No
Gone to court over one? Yes

Ridden in a helicopter? No
Been in a submarine? Yes

Shaved your head? No
Shaved your nethers? Yes

Made your boyfriend/girlfriend cry? Yes
In a good way? Yes

Eaten snake? No
Eaten possum? No

Marched/Protested? Yes
Been in a parade? Yes

Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? No
Sea monkeys? No

Puked on amusement ride? No
Felt sure you were going to? Yes

Seriously & intentionally boycotted something? Yes
Written a letter of protest? Yes

Been in a band? No
Theatre group? No

Been on TV? No
Worked a telethon? Yes

Shot a gun? Yes
Hunted for sport? No

Skinny-dipped? Yes
With more than one other person? No

Gave someone stitches? No
Taken out stitches? Yes

Ridden a surfboard? No
Waterskied? Yes

Drank straight from a liquor bottle? Yes
Drank ouzo? No

Had surgery? No
Had an overnight hospital stay? No

Streaked? No
Mooned? Yes

Taken by ambulance to hospital? Yes
Taken by police car to hospital? Yes

Passed out when not drinking? No
Caught someone who fainted? Yes

Peed on a bush? Yes
Pooped in the woods? Yes

Donated Blood? Yes
More than ten times? Yes

Grabbed electric fence? Yes
Peed on an electric fence? No

Eaten alligator meat? No
Eaten moose meat? Yes

Killed an animal when not hunting? No
Rescued worms from puddles? Yes

Peed your pants in public? No
Thought you might? Yes

Snuck into a movie without paying? No
Gone to a drive-in? Yes

Written graffiti? No
Painted a mural? No

Still love someone you shouldn’t? Yes
Let them know that? Yes

Been in handcuffs? Yes
Sexually? No

Believe in love? Yes
Had a one night stand? No

Sleep on a certain side of the bed? Yes
Switched for someone? Yes

Huh. Anybody else feel like the original set maybe came from the initial part of the quiz to join Scientology? :-p LOL!

(btw, my yes answers – not that it means anything – tallied 25/60 and 39/60, for the original and mine respectively, you?)


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