Posted by: Arkay | December 10, 2009

a few thots


just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Blessed to live in Canada, i think it has skewed my idea of Humanity and what truly are the basics of Human Nature (i made the mistake of ODing on world new recently, seeing how things occur in other countries – the majority of which does NOT resemble what is to my mind how humans should operate/treat one another at the most basic level) – doesn’t lend oneself to embracing the sentiment of the season.

without friends, life would be truly not worth living.



  1. Hi, Love.

    Yes, it is very true that friends are so important. At least good ones? I’ve had such a problem finding them and keeping them all my life. Oh, dear god! Sometimes, I just can’t even…don’t even want to think about it. It just pushes me further into hermit mode.

    It seems like these days, I may meet a good one only randomly. I just don’t even want to try anymore. That may sound pathetic, and I don’t want to sound like I’m “pathalogising” it all to make it make it appear worse, but Aspies tend to have this difficulty so much, anyway.

    And as you know, that is just one of my dx’s! Let’s toss all of the other ones in, too!

    Sorries I haven’t been around in a bit. Not to hardly any blogs, really! Typical story, but it’s been true for ages.

    Anyway, sending you an email now.

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