Posted by: Arkay | January 27, 2010

My Brain is Broken

not that that is any great revelation, but i like the wording. Comes from a book i just picked up at the library regarding healing said brokenness, and it’s approach is unlike anything i’ve read/seen so far. I’m only 50-60 pages in, so i will post here once i have a better grasp of the whole thing. Good stuff so far, especially in the approach re: depression is not the result of a prozac deficiency (nor is ADHD a ritalin deficiency etc.)  i.e. pushing drugs to treat symptoms instead of looking for underlying causes is worse than just a band-aid solution and such things as the mental disorders diagnostic manual being 100 percent accurate (in diagnosing symptoms), but 0 percent adequate (in knowing/treating underlying causes) which the author purports to be in the majority of cases to be the result of toxicity, poisoning, gastrointestinal disorders and hormonal deficiencies and the resultant berserk immune responses that do cross the blood brain barrier, if only in how our brain reacts to these troubles within our body. inneresting stuff.



  1. Oh, dear! I don’t know if you want my comment here! However, I can give somewhat of a balanced approach (perhaps?) as far as the DSM-IV and such.

    It does have its merit in terms of a diagnostic tool. It offers “signs” in terms of “manifestations.” It doesn’t offer any actual reasons for causation, though. Still, you know my issues with that book. I feel it is far too stringent. Even stronger, my issues are with the physicians who use that book: they don’t listen to their patients when they speak about their symptoms.

    Now, as far as causation? This is where you may not want my comment.

    Distinction between a Mental Illness and a Developmental Disorder. Indeed, this author is presenting an alternate theory, and that is fine, however, other research (a plethora thereof), has been done to show other things.

    Oh, and the distinction? You are born with a Developmental Disorder (ADHD and something on the Autistic Spectrum, like me having Asperger’s.) That means you have it from birth and it manifests itself from then on. You show signs of it as a child, and then all the way continuing on throughout your lifetime.

    Now, I will say that other physical health problems can co-exist (such as the gastro and hormonal), but a lot of the toxicity (e.g. Mercury in tooth fillings), has already been debunked! Although, some people still believe in it. It’s like the anti-vaccer’s that I want to scream at, until each and every one of them shuts their yaps!!!

    These are the people that believe Autism (Asperger’s and all else on the Spectrum as well), is caused by vaccinations (that have…oh, guess what…toxins!) My favourite example is knowing two people: one with HFA (High Functioning Autism), and one with Asperger’s–one was vaccinated and one wasn’t.

    Explain that one, you stupid anti-vaccer’s! HA!

    I do agree that the underlying cause is the most important thing, but no one bloody well knows what causes any of this stuff! Sure, this author is purporting more/other theories and, I agree, drugs aren’t magic bullets, but they do help. Yes, you also know I am pro-med!

    True, they only go so far in working with brain chemistry, but better than nothing? I don’t think that doing things like dietary changes and what not will help a lot of us. Hormone supplements?

    Still, perhaps for some. I do know of a person who gave up on all meds, and is using a natural supplement, however, it still works with neurochemistry.

    Okay, I’ll shut up now.

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