Posted by: Arkay | April 20, 2010

week old rant

Can’t believe something i heard the other day (also can’t believe how much it is Still bugging me) thus i feel i must post it here.

On April 11th of this year (2010) i heard an ad on the radio for Model 2011 (!?!) vehicles available at a local dealership. Now i know how i felt not all that long ago when i was seeing the next year’s models available in October of the current year, and thought THAT was a little much. Now? i have no (effing) idea.

Just one more straw on the pile i title “I HATE f**king Marketing!!!” Makes us (consumers) all out to be total retards (no offense to truly non-intelligent mentally handicapped persons), but unfortunately it’s True as if it didn’t work companies would stop spending their money that way!



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