Posted by: Arkay | June 16, 2010

New Job

Well, more sort of a student trial position – they’ve hired students to fill an immediate need that WILL turn into up to four permanent positions as soon as next month. Not being confident at ALL of getting one of those outright, i offered to hire on as a ‘student’ first, so both sides could check for a ‘fit’, and no harm done if it’s Not a go, but a (good?) chance to learn the job, and show myself able and maybe make it much harder to not hire me permanent when that event occurs. (plus they get me at a lower wager rate while i’m training, which i can’t see them not appreciating, and i don’t feel as much pressure, nor that i’m not earning my keep by not doing the job as well as i am going to be able to).

Only caveat is that my anxiety is playing hell with me in the background, pushing me this way and that when i don’t have firm control on it, and trying to eff with my sleeps more than i’ve had in the past while… so hoping it eases off after this first week, and gives me some recovery time on the weekend anyways.

And now, just to brighten up this post, a (totally unrelated) pic off the first page of a Google image search of the word “beautiful”…



  1. I’m so proud of you for doing this! It’s got to be incredibly hard going back to the work force after the kind of absence you’ve had. Knowing you, they’ll hire you just as soon as possible. You’re a very intelligent person and I’m sure as soon as you’ve been trained how to do everything you’ll be running circles around everyone else.

  2. Thank-you.

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