Posted by: Arkay | June 22, 2010

Life’s Curveballs

Was having a really good day today, things were clicking at work (finally), feeling like i was contributing, feeling the best i have in quite some time actually (beyond memory, if i am to be completely truthful), not feeling depressed at all, and my anxiety at it’s lowest ebb since i started my new job and then this…

Was shopping at a local market for veggies for me and my bunnies when we all heard the rev of an engine and a loud thump and then screams – someone had run over a little boy and his mother crossing the street – no braking, no skidmarks – and then fled the scene.

I ran out, and (not being industrial/trauma 1st aid trained – nor the first on the ‘scene’) spent the next the next twenty minutes directing traffic around their still bodies until the police set up their roadblocks, while the first responders did what they could. (Note: the first responders were there in minutes and were doing all they could, but even the police seemed disturbed as each of them arrived on scene – took them a bit checking for and talking to as many witnesses as possible first – all of whom were clearly messed up, big time – while myself and two other civilians at the other end successfully diverted traffic away until the police blocked the thorough fare completely.

I then returned inside where my still to be purchased products were on the till counter WITH the money i was going to pay for them that i guess i dropped when i rushed outside to do whatever i could to help – but i was shaking so bad the lady had to hang the bag over my arm for me. i don’t want to talk about the drive home. Still not good yet even now (hope if/when i do fall asleep tonight i will wake up without seeing them just lying there curled around each other everywhere i look).

Sorry for this being such a downer post – so please go see my fun blog for the best i could do over there, considering.

Please send your prayers for the two victims and the witnesses, (if you’re inclined that way), or whatever it is that you do to wish the best for all.





  1. What a terrible thing to have to witness. I’m sure this has left you quite shaken up and disturbed. Please know that I’m here for you if you need someone to talk to. (((((u)))))

  2. Oh wow… That’s not a nice experience. I can relate thanks to what happened to me in Accidental Suicide part II.

    I couldn’t describe the driver…cus there were no words…no words that would make readers green to the gills…

    Just take care to keep an eye out for PTS…it can be worse than the event it self…

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