Posted by: Arkay | August 22, 2010

Ode soon.

Laptop is no longer. Will post once again once i have something suitable written. Hugs to all. Please take care.

edit (26/08/2010): guess i should have made it clearer both that the word Laptop above was a link, and that i was referring to my bunny, not the technology – sorry)



  1. hugs bunny bear. please hollah at me when you have way to talk again. i’m in that time of year again – going nuts and with the new show on top of it. oye. loads of hugz and miss ya. xxx

  2. Bummer. I hope you will find something that will work soon. (((HUGS)))

  3. oh no… how did it happen?

  4. Oh crap. Thanks for the update and hope to see you back soon. Technology can be such a pain.

    Hugs to you too,

  5. Poop

  6. Send Lots of heatfelt hugs, I so sorry for you loss
    I feel very sadden by this news
    sent buckets of tear & hugs

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