This was my very first post ever. I believe it needed its own page.

Some Things I Believe:



That basic kindness (simple courtesy, random acts of, lending a hand) is so severely lacking in this world that it contributes greatly to the overall discord.



That common sense is an oxymoron: in the developed world due to deliberate ignorance, and in the developing world due to a lack of basic education for all.



That the right people meet at the wrong time far too often, leading to significantly more sorrow than necessary.



That some day there will come a time that the entire world will be at peace; it is even possible that the human race may still be in existence at that time.



That most of the worlds population wishes to live in peace, with clean water, comfortable shelter, adequate food (and sanitation), and a chance to learn and grow – this is an anathema to the tiny minority of secular and religious authorities who rule the world through violence, oppression and fear (stemming primarily from greed).



That conscientious ‘whistle-blowers” are far more courageous than even those who put their lives on the line for others (police, firemen, peacekeepers – occupations for which courage is often a daily prerequisite).



That Canadian soldiers be allowed to become peacekeepers again (exclusively); And that I will spare you my rants (for now) on our neighbour to the south.



That there is something we can learn form everyone we ever meet, but that few ever take the time to do so.



That the wonderment, inquisitiveness and basic impartiality that a young child views the world with are something we should hold onto throughout our lives.



That “healthy competition” can only occur once full co-operation (in its truest sense) has been implemented, established and is ongoing worldwide.



That every world leader (political, corporate, secular, religious, etc.) should have to go and personally view the earth from outer space for 24hrs before ever taking office.



That all the following exist:


Love at first sight

Soul mates

Spiritual connections

Fairies, angels, dragons, etc.

Life elsewhere in the universe

Healing hands


PTLS (now that FM and PTS etc. are recognized)

Good people

A (very minuscule) chance for World Peace

Ignorant a-holes in every race, creed, culture and religion on the planet (unfortunately usually in charge)

A messianic legacy

Basic Truths

A right to life

A right to choose

Responsibilities that come with every right

Agape (love for no other reason than the sake of being)



That if I can make you laugh, think, feel special, heal a bit, feel better about yourself, learn something or just ease your burden for a moment then I have given my life meaning.





  1. Amen.

  2. Thank-you.

  3. Wow. This is quite the page. It is uplifting and stirring. Thank you for sharing this part of yourself with the world. Love at first site – I felt that with Ginger. 🙂

  4. […] Beliefs […]

  5. I completely agree with “paragraph” one and two, and i feel a connection with you right about now :), but i wholeheartedly disagree with most of the “existing things you said.

  6. Interesting. Especially since several of the ‘existing’ things lead towards/result in several of my beliefs, including the first two you connected with. I can see a pretty interesting e-mail correspondence developing out of this, if you are interested. (send your thoughts to – yes, those are two underscores between the t and the k)

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