Posted by: Arkay | August 29, 2010

Ok, maybe not ‘soon’.

Having as much trouble as Wulfgar getting words on the page to describe just what it is i feeling. :-\


Posted by: Arkay | August 22, 2010

Ode soon.

Laptop is no longer. Will post once again once i have something suitable written. Hugs to all. Please take care.

edit (26/08/2010): guess i should have made it clearer both that the word Laptop above was a link, and that i was referring to my bunny, not the technology – sorry)

Posted by: Arkay | August 12, 2010

(almost) better.

Again, thanks XKCD.

Posted by: Arkay | August 12, 2010

Love this.

Thanks XKCD (see humour links)

Posted by: Arkay | August 10, 2010

i need a new post (or to post something new)

any ideas?

Posted by: Arkay | August 3, 2010

my (last two) workdays

Sports analogy not applicable, but the expression and comment are dead on…

Posted by: Arkay | August 2, 2010


Todays fish was Ling Cod (lemon dill).

Consensus: “That was SO delicious!”

Posted by: Arkay | July 30, 2010

Ahhhh. finally.

I have NEVER looked forward to a three day weekend more in my life.

Posted by: Arkay | July 29, 2010


click —> here <—

Posted by: Arkay | July 23, 2010

Noh soh bahd

Not doing all that bad right now. Pretty good most days actually.

Also, i needed to post something to push the ‘swearing’ one off as my most recent post 😉

Take care all.

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